Morgan McKinley 2015年《合规全球趋势报告》

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At present, the huge demand for compliance talents is difficult to meet, and many companies are mining junior compliance talents from other functional areas. Salary levels are rising rapidly. Despite this, due to the changing regulations and the pressure on compliance jobs, compliance talents are often reluctant to seek another career.

Salary continues to grow but quality new jobs are limited

Under the combined influence of financial crimes and related compliance risks and regulatory compliance requirements, the demand for talent in the compliance industry remained stable in 2014. We note that there is a greater need for compliance talent in all areas of the investment industry and commercial banks, as well as in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical device industries. The shortage of local talent has prompted many Chinese companies to turn their attention to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Rio Goh, general manager of McKinley China, said: "This year is a relatively stable year. As long as the work is stable and the position is attractive, many qualified personnel are willing to stay and watch. The limited number of quality positions leads to another conspiracy. Insufficient motivation. If the latest regulations are introduced in 2015, new opportunities will be created to promote market liquidity."

At present, the market remains stable, but the quality of new jobs is limited, resulting in insufficient motivation for compliance talents. As in other regions, the ability to be promoted in China depends on the ability of compliance talents to become a business partner. Goh suggested: “To do this, you must be proactive and broaden your insights into your position.”

Salary and benefits

The average annual increase in salary will be 10-15%.

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