Morgan McKinley 2015年《风控全球趋势报告》

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Morgan McKinley Global Trend Report Risk 2015


The agenda for most of the world's financial centers is driven by regulatory, market and credit risks.

Manpower demand and talent shortage drive wages up

The overall strengthening of risk control awareness, coupled with the shortage of talents, makes the mainland market an ideal choice for qualified risk controllers. The growth in credit risk, business risk and market risk is particularly evident. The needs of the middle and deputy manager ranks are the largest, and many Chinese companies are looking to other Asia Pacific regions to recruit candidates.Rio Goh, general manager of McKinley China, said: "In recent months, there have been many changes in the high-end market." Rio Goh added: "The environment is getting more complicated, banks will have to be more regulated, which also gives The risk control personnel have brought more pressure. We expect that enterprises will promote a certain degree of salary increase in the process of competing for top talents.

The wind control environment is more complicated, and the pressure of the wind control personnel is doubled.

The risk-control talents who have worked tirelessly on the front line and have a good understanding of the business model will usher in a good opportunity to move to the job. Fluency in foreign languages ​​and a deep regulatory environment are also major advantages in the job search process.

Salaries and benefits are
expected to increase at an average annual rate of 10%, while performance bonuses related to customer asset management performance will increase.

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