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RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing).

RPO is a flexible approach that allows you to outsource and optimise your permanent recruitment processes. We take responsibility for the design, management, execution and the output of the process.

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RPO that exceeds expectations.

The flexibility of our RPO solution means that you can maintain full oversight of the recruitment process, while shifting the responsibility for the time-consuming daily tasks to us.


Bespoke plans

We identify your business goals and talent objectives so that a bespoke strategy can be developed, aligned to your plans and objectives.

Bespoke plans

Targeted sourcing

We implement your strategy through effective sourcing methods, identifying, engaging and submitting candidates into your talent pipeline.

Targeted sourcing

Efficient recruitment

Recruitment of people whose skills and qualities match your needs. We arrange interviews and conduct the entire recruitment process.

Efficient recruitment

Inclusive hiring practices

We know how best to position your company in terms of Diversity & Inclusivity so you have the best chance of attracting top talent.

Inclusive hiring practices
 Inclusive hiring

Inclusive hiring.      
Strategic employer branding.

As part of our RPO service, we also provide advice and guidance around your Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) positioning. Our vast experience of working with organisations on their talent strategies has given us a unique insight into the power of D&I and EVP when it comes to talent attraction. Spanning multiple industries and global locations, we know how best to position your company so that you have the best chance of attracting hard-to-find talent.

Outsourced Talent Solutions:       
The choice is yours.


Outsource your contract and temporary hiring needs, whatever the scale.

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Project Recruitment

Enables mission critical hiring for your upcoming big project.

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Recruiter on Demand

Augment the capacity of your business through external talent on a flexible basis.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service that allows organisations to outsource entire or parts of their recruitment process to an external provider. An RPO provider can source, select, screen, interview and onboard talent while the client can be as involved in the process as they wish or require. The RPO process is developed to suit the client’s needs as the RPO provider acts as an extension of an internal HR or TA team of the hiring organisation. It brings more consistency and expertise to your hiring process.

No, RPO acts as an extension of an existing team. RPO manages time consuming tasks which frees up the time of the internal team to focus on other duties.

RPO can be a long-term solution, which is especially attractive for businesses that experience fluctuations in their hiring needs. In such cases, the RPO team can be easily and quickly increased or decreased to match the recruitment requirements. Project recruitment is a short-term RPO solution that serves the purpose of supporting organisations that move through the period of growth. In other words, an RPO partnership can last from a couple of months to several years.

RPO services are highly flexible and often designed to meet the unique needs of each company. These are not simply off the shelf services, but bespoke solutions. As such, the pricing structure is slightly different to traditional, percentage based recruitment. RPO offers more cost efficient pricing models: resource and performance-based. Essentially, pricing will depend on what it is you’re exactly looking for - you can contact us for a free consultation.