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Market insights: Empowering your talent strategy.

We anticipate that the recruitment market for 2024 will improve in comparison to 2023. Companies will remain vigilant and strive to be agile, until more certainty arrives.


of organisations ‘struggled to hire’ the right talent in 2023.


of professionals plan on actively looking for a new job in the next 6 months - 11% down from last year.


of employers have lost talent in the last 6 months, with ‘perception of job security’ being the main reason.

Companies are only interested in having top tier talent. Balancing staff costs with the ability to acquire the most skilled professionals will be the dilemma for employers in 2024.

- Marlon MaiManaging Director, Morgan McKinley Mainland China

This is your opportunity to Go Beyond all expectations.

How can you be successful in the evolving talent landscape?

The top 5 hiring challenges companies will face in 2024.


of organisations in Mainland China found hiring ‘Very’ or ‘Quite’ competitive in 2023. The main barriers for recruitment in 2024 are…

  • Lack of skilled candidates available
  • No budget to hire
  • Length of hiring process
  • Employer branding not attractive
  • Pay and benefits not competitive enough

What do people want? Key benefits to offer…


Employees in Mainland China are not very satisfied with the benefits they receive, with 64% being ‘neutral’, ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘highly dissatisfied’ with their packages.

Offering strong benefits, both financial and non-financial, increases your chance of attracting and retaining top talent.

    Top 5 most desired benefits:

  • Bonus
  • Flexible working hours: Flexi-start, flexi-finish
  • Employee stock options, incentive plans
  • Work from home
  • Health insurance

Job security is a pressing issue for employees.


of employees are either feeling ‘indifferent’, ‘a bit insecure’ or ‘very insecure’ in their current roles.

    In a time when top talent is scarce, employers should take steps to ease the concerns of their workforce, or risk losing them to competitors.

Up, down or flat? The state of salaries.

Despite the uncertainty, companies still have ambitious plans that will require new skills. As we all know, hiring or holding onto the top talent who possess those skills comes at a cost.


of organisations kept their salary bandings level over the second half of 2023.


of employers plan to increase salary offers in 2024 for certain, hard-to-fill roles.


of professionals are optimistic that they will receive an increase in 2024.

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