Understand yourself and know your potential

November 15, 2013 4 mins read
Understand yourself and know your potential

Most people want to do something or be someone, but very few can achieve that.

A lot of people failed, and it was because they do not know themselves. As the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said, "Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred Battles without defeat."If you want to win every war and solve every difficulty, you must first know yourself.

For each one of us, it is very important to know your limit too. First of all, understand their Personal competency. This may refer to the general innate ability, it can be a special skill. For example: someone has the strong ability to learn, also very good in expressing themselves; others has excellent perceptions, and often have unique insights; Or very good at dealing with complicated situations with calm and rational mind; the rest of them seem to be born like leaders who have a great leadership and management skills. In fact every one of us has their own uniqueness, but more important thing is to understand and recognize what they are.

How do we understand and recognize our uniqueness? Have a look around sometimes you may find student with a outstanding test results may performance poorly at work ; For someone with an average grade, may doing better in real life. This demonstrates that the innate have to acquire with hard working to enhance their ability. Only after we discover and develop our special ability, will we understand our potential and know which direction we will walk toward. Maybe you want to be a leader, an artist, or perhaps a technical worker.

Secondly, you will need to know what your interest is. We are often interested in some certain things, but have no interest in the rest. Interest is a personal preference, which is different from your ability. It can be developed. Interest can motivate individuals to engage in an activity. However, when you are interested in certain things does not mean you can do it well, also not necessarily means you can be successful in doing that. For example, some people often like to read, but it does not mean they can be become a writer. Because to be a good writer, one needs connotation, precise writing skills and express his/her feeling well. Therefore, we need to have clear idea of our interest.

Nowadays there are a lot of people don't know what their interests are. In fact, we can pay attention to what we like and what we want to do. If you don't know what your own interests is, you may consider trying more things and follow your heart. This will lead you to some surprise. The ideal is that you will find out what you like and what your interest is. The best case scenario is your interest will benefit you work, then you not only can enjoy at work, you also can make motivate yourself with a greater creativity and potential. The chance of completing your assignment will be greatly increased. Interest and success has a close relationship, One would be willing to spend more time and energy with something he likes to do. When he meets obstacle he will be willing to solve and conquer it.

Knowing your personal ability and interests will benefit you more when choosing a job and when you are at work, since you will have a clear goal. Try to enhance your strengths and avoid your weakness. Step by step and aim to success. Actually everyone has space to develop their own potential, but he must first learn to know himself, his strengths, as well as his shortcomings.

Similar to individuals, from a Cooperation's point of view knowing itself well is very important. You will have to do SWOT analysis to understand your strengths as well as your weakness. Even some most advanced and powerful management sometimes may also have its downsides. Comparing the enthusiasm of innovation between an established well-known company and a new start up, the latter is likely to have more passion. Those original work pattern and value who made company successful may become obstacle for its long term development and company reform. Small businesses have the disadvantages of their own as well as large enterprises. The company needs to understand what they are good at, what kind of advantage and disadvantage do they have too.

Morgan McKinley