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Key jobs in demand for 2024 in Mainland China

Key jobs in demand for 2024 in Mainland China
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As part of our 2024 Salary Guide, we have compiled a list of some of the key jobs in demand in Mainland China this year. From conversations with hiring managers and employers, our expert recruitment teams have identified the following as popular jobs for 2024.

Companies will seek to hire talent with the appropriate skills and knowledge to help them successfully navigate the landscape and harness related opportunities that arise.

Note: These roles are only from within the industries and sectors in which we have recruitment expertise - there will undoubtedly be others that are hotly in demand this year.

1. Senior Strategy Manager

Senior Strategy Managers identify an organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, and operational effectiveness. This allows them to pinpoint where there are opportunities for improvement and optimisation.

It is their duty to make recommendations to the business, taking into account all factors discovered from their analysis of the company (market trends, competitors, risks and threats), that will help it reach its long-term goals.

  • Academic Degrees and Certifications
    • Degree in business or related field
    • Some years’ experience in business administration, management consulting or strategic planning
    • Certifications such as Certified Strategy Expert (CSE), China Certified Management Consultant (CCMC), and Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Recommended skills for success
    • Understanding of business operations and procedures
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    • Well-organised
    • Research and analysis
    • Project management
    • Leadership
    • Strategic thinking and problem-solving
  • Average salary range (per year)
    • ¥700,000 - ¥800,000

2. Process Engineer

Process Engineers play a crucial role in optimising supply chain operations and driving efficiency within the manufacturing and logistics sectors. They are responsible for designing, analysing, and implementing process improvements that enhance productivity, reduce waste, and minimise costs throughout the supply chain.

They leverage their knowledge of data analytics, lean manufacturing methodologies, and quality control measures to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions that align with strategic business objectives.

  • Academic Degrees and Certifications
    • Degree in chemical or process engineering, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, or other related fields of science
    • Process engineer accreditations
  • Recommended skills for success
    • Interpretation of technical drawings
    • Project management
    • Commercial awareness
    • Critical thinking
    • Communication
    • Problem solving
  • Average salary range (per year)
    • ¥360,000 - ¥600,000

3. Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Manager

FP&A Managers are responsible for implementing, developing, and providing commercial financial analysis on company KPIs. The purpose of this role is to deliver data-driven insights that improve decision-making across the business.

They manage the data to do with commercial results and use relevant tools to identify how the company can optimise processes to support growth plans, providing support for the forecasting and budgeting processes.

  • Academic Degrees and Certifications
    • Degree in Accounting and Finance, Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Fully qualified - CPA, JFAEL, JICPA, CFA
    • relevant finance experience
  • Recommended skills for success
    • Finance and business analysis
    • Data-driven mindset
    • Strong commercial and business acumen
    • Business partnering
    • Financial/budget management and forecasting
    • System implementation
  • Average salary range (per year)
    • ¥450,000 - ¥650,000

4. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) stands as a visionary leader, driving the digital transformation of organisations. As the architect of the IT landscape, the CIO oversees the implementation and management of information technology systems, ensuring that they align with the strategic goals of the organisation.

From crafting innovative solutions to mitigating cybersecurity threats, the CIO's expertise spans a wide spectrum of technological advancements.

  • Academic Degrees and Certifications
    • Degree in business, computer science or engineering
    • Certified Information Systems Auditor
    • Certified Information Security Manager
    • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Recommended skills for success
    • Communication and presentation skills
    • Communication and presentation skills
    • Knowledge about relevant legislation, regulations and standards of compliance
    • Incident management
    • Ability to articulate IT security and technical issues
    • Risk management and auditing experience
  • Average salary range (per year)
    • ¥1,170,000 - ¥1,950,000

5. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers are responsible for ensuring that their employer’s digital presence is active and successful in terms of reaching target audiences, building brand awareness, and promoting their products or services.

Their remit will include working with teams across social media, paid digital advertising, website content management, and email marketing, all with the purpose of delivering the company’s marketing messages. An important part of this role is reporting on the success of campaigns so that the return on investment can be accurately measured.

  • Academic Degrees and Certifications
    • Degree in marketing or a related field
    • Proven experience in digital marketing
    • Advanced digital marketing course
  • Recommended skills for success
    • Creative mindset
    • Budgeting
    • Trends and insights analysis
    • Leadership
    • Collaboration
    • Solid knowledge of website analytics tools
    • Data-driven thinking
  • Average salary range (per year)
    • ¥400,000 - ¥600,000

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