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Interview speeches

Interview speeches
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As a form of verbal communication, a speech utilizes both spoken and body language to provide a clear and complete response to a specific question or issue, expounding on a position and the reasons behind it, or inciting an emotional reaction in the audience.

 In the hiring process, for positions such as project manager or marketing staff, a speech or presentation, which is a useful tool in the interview process?

In interview speeches, the interviewee responds to the interviewer’s prompt , combining their personal experiences and viewpoints, and utilizing speech, movement, expressions, and posture to convey their aims and views. This exercise is an exchange of real information designed to ensure the candidate meets the employer’s standards. Unlike more conventional speeches, interview speeches are primarily centered on the specific job position, using corresponding material and topics to conduct the exchange. It is a type of interactive process, with questions and answers, allowing the candidate to express their views over a long period of time. Using this tool, we are able to conveniently and directly observe key skills such as the interviewee’s verbal, thinking, and reasoning abilities. It provides a lot of information, lends itself to viewing, and is flexible and maneuverable.

Typically, the speech topic during an interview will be set by the employer. Candidates should find out about the backgrounds of their audience, and combine it with their personal experience to prepare an outline for a targeted speech, fleshing it out with real-life examples and persuasiveness. During the speech, they should maintain clear avenues of thought, expressing their views crisply and using their body language naturally. In this way, a candidate’s personal quality, expressive abilities, and communication skills can be clearly observed.

The interview speech, however, also has a shortcoming—one-sidedness. It tests a candidate’s ability to express views, but doesn’t give a full reading on actual abilities. Combining other types of tools such as a written test can ensure more reliable and illustrative results.

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