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2019 Industrial and Automotive Salary Guide

2019 Industrial and Automotive Salary Guide
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Expected salary ranges in 2019 for Industrial and Automotive professionals in Shanghai.

Sales & Marketing | Research & Development | Operations & Manufacturing | Supply Chain
Commentary on Industrial and Automotive Roles and Remuneration in Shanghai for 2019


Basic Salary Per Month (¥‎)

Industrial & Automotive

Sales & Marketing
Sales Director40,000100,000
Sales & Programme Director45,000110,000
BD Director40,000100,000
BD Manager22,00045,000
IAM Sales Director45,000100,000
Programme Director45,00090,000
Marketing Director45,000100,000
Sales VP80,000170,000
Sales Engineer8,00016,000
Account Manager15,00022,000
Product Manager18,00028,000
IAM Channel Sale Manager15,00030,000
IAM Product Manager18,00028,000
Application Engineer15,00025,000
Key Account Manager25,00035,000
OES Sales Manager25,00035,000
IAM Regional Sales Manager20,00035,000
Programme Manager20,00032,000
Application Manager20,00030,000
Customer Service Manager20,00028,000
Field Technical Service Manager20,00028,000
Marketing Communication Manager20,00035,000
Marketing Intelligence Manager20,00035,000
Digital Marketing Manager22,00040,000
Dealer Marketing Manager20,00035,000
Pricing Manager22,00035,000
PR Manager20,00030,000
Research & Development
Vp / Engineering Vp90,000120,000
Director / Engineering Director50,00090,000
Manager / Engineering Manager30,00055,000
Product Development Manager25,00040,000
Chief Engineer40,000110,000
Senior Product Engineer21,00035,000
Product Engineer12,00022,000
Project Director45,00070,000
Project Manager22,00035,000
Advanced Engineering Manager23,00033,000
Advanced Quality Manager23,00033,000
Advanced Quality Engineer15,00022,000
Advanced Manufacturing Manager20,00030,000
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer15,00022,000
Application Director35,00050,000
Application Manager20,00030,000
Application Engineer15,00020,000
Testing Manager20,00035,000
Lab Manager20,00033,000
Testing Engineer13,00018,000
Material Engineer13,00020,000
Hardware Engineer13,00020,000
Software Engineer19,00030,000
System Engineer15,00025,000
Calibration Engineer13,00025,000
NVH Engineer15,00022,000
Optical Engineer15,00020,000
Operations & Manufacturing
Operation Director, HQ45,000120,000
Engineering Director, HQ40,000100,000
Operation Excellence Director, HQ45,00090,000
Quality Director, HQ45,000120,000
Supply Quality Director, HQ45,00090,000
Lean / Six Sigma Director, HQ45,00090,000
EHS Director, HQ45,00090,000
Plant Manager / Plant GM55,000120,000
Operation Director, Plant40,00065,000
Operation Manager30,00050,000
Production Director40,00065,000
Production Manager20,00030,000
VSM Manager22,00035,000
Engineering Director, Plant30,00055,000
Engineering Manager23,00035,000
Process Engineer13,00018,000
Manufacturing Engineer13,00018,000
Industrial Engineer13,00018,000
Lean / Six Sigma Manager21,00035,000
Facility Manager21,00035,000
Equipment / Maintenance Manager20,00035,000
Mechanical Engineer13,00018,000
Electrical Engineer15,00020,000
Quality Director, Plant35,00055,000
Quality Manager25,00040,000
Process Quality Manager22,00030,000
Process Quality Engineer13,00018,000
Customer Quality Manager22,00030,000
Customer Quality Engineer13,00018,000
Quality System Manager22,00033,000
Quality System Engineer13,00020,000
Supply Quality Manager25,00035,000
Supply Quality Engineer15,00023,000
EHS Manager20,00030,000
EHS Engineer15,00020,000
Supply Chain
Supply Chain Director55,000120,000
Supply Chain Manager25,00045,000
Purchasing Director55,000110,000
Purchasing Manager25,00040,000
Commodity Manager20,00035,000
Project Purchasing Manager22,00035,000
Project Purchasing Engineer18,00025,000
Sourcing Manager20,00035,000
Sourcing Engineer15,00022,000
Cost Estimator18,00030,000
Senior Buyer13,00020,000
Indirector Purchasing Director35,00060,000
Indirector Purchasing Manager20,00035,000
Logistic Manager20,00035,000
Logistic Supervisor18,00025,000
Trade Compliance Manager25,00033,000
Warehouse Manager18,00028,000
S & OP Director55,000120,000
Planning Manager25,00045,000
Demand Planning Director40,00060,000
Demand Planning Manager22,00030,000
Supply Planning Director40,00060,000
Supply Planning Manager22,00030,000
Customer Service Director50,00080,000
Customer Service Manager18,00030,000

Commentary on Industrial and Automotive Roles and Remuneration in Shanghai for 2019

2018 Trends in Automotive & Operations Recruitment in Greater China

2018 was an interesting year for the operations and automotive sector. On the automotive side, we saw huge demand for talent in all engineering-related positions from the industry’s newly arrived players – new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturers.

For NEV manufacturers that successfully launched products, 2018 was a prosperous and exciting year. However, for those companies yet to release products or facing delivery delays, the past 12 months were full of challenges, particularly as NEV manufacturers continued to be heavily scrutinised by the media on their financial well-being, delayed delivery and negative feedback from customers.

The auto industry’s new players began to stir up the traditional automotive market in all aspects, including recruitment. New ideologies, organisation structures, sales channels and salary packages are all impacting hiring trends and the demand for talent. Many of the industry’s most experienced talents are taking a leap of faith to join these newly arrived companies even before they have a complete design.

On the operations side, while Q1 and Q4 remained quiet as candidates waited out bonuses, we witnessed explosive growth in the recruitment market in Q2 and Q3. Many candidates are keen to join NEV manufacturers over traditional vehicle or automation companies, yet remain cautious when switching to these newer players. Hiring managers showed a preference for candidates with well-rounded skills sets, global working experience and supply chain management skills.

In-demand Roles, Skills and qualifications for Automotive & Operations Professionals

Engineering positions relating to electric vehicle core technologies were most in demand for 2018, from new-on-the-scene startups to established OEMs. The roles in highest demand related to traction and electric motor control, battery control, the Internet of Things and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) /Autonomous Driving.

On the operations side, as companies wrangled with global resource and cost-optimisation, senior talents with a focus global sourcing were in high demand. We also saw continued demand for well-experienced talents in supply chain and quality management. Overall, salary increments remained steady, at around 20-30% for those switching companies.

Workplace Trends Impacting Automotive & Operations in Mainland China

China’s new energy business, from electric vehicles to wind farms to solar power, has heavily relied on favourable government regulation and policies. In the last decade, the government has published policies promoting the electric vehicle industry including government reimbursement, tax reductions for end customers and newly designated industrial areas for manufacturers. In 2018 a number of new policies were announced which could signal the administration’s plan to introduce more regulations to the industry, particularly for companies that are yet to bring a complete product to market but occupying important resources.

2018 saw an increased desire for workplace flexibility from candidates across the automotive and operations industries. Employers are steadily becoming more open-minded towards flexible hours, work-life balance and promoting a positive company culture to attract talent in this job-seeker market.

What Does the Future Hold for Automotive & Operations? Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

New Energy Vehicles in China will continue to thrive in 2019 and we expect hiring in the market to continue. New technologies such as fuel cells will join the game to compete with battery-powered electric vehicles in specialist applications such as commercial vehicles. More infrastructure to support these new technologies will be developed, and become open to testing, including autonomous driving, hydrogen stations, fast charge and battery swapping stations – which could all lead to new recruitment avenues.

Advice for candidates in the market:

In operations, the next 12 months will see global purchasing and logistics management staff in the highest demand. While the latest technologies will begin to transform the operations sector, we do not expect to see huge disruptions to the industry. Advice for clients is to remain open-minded when hiring and to look across the full spectrum of industry to find talent with the right backgrounds and experience. Advice for job seekers is to carefully weigh up the pros and cons of a position and to avoid jumping into a role based on salary and title alone.