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Project Recruitment Explained

Project Recruitment Explained

In times of heightened recruitment spikes, HR or TA teams often choose to outsource either their entire recruitment process or parts of it, particularly when more specialised skill sets are required. This short-term, results-focused and on-demand assistance is known as a project recruitment.

In other words, project recruitment is a bespoke recruitment outsourcing service aimed at helping organisations to solve urgent or mission-critical challenges beyond the reach of their own TA or HR teams.

When do companies typically need project recruitment support?

  • They are experiencing hiring requirements beyond the capacity of their existing TA team.
  • They are going through a period of expansion and require particular skill sets to carry out the work involved.
  • They are creating or launching a new product.
  • They have won a new contract with tight delivery times.
  • They're opening an office in a new geography.
  • They have a need to ramp up recruitment in a particular location but their brand is unknown to top talent in this market.

There are many reasons companies choose project recruitment, however, what most of these companies have in common is a pressing requirement to hire good quality employees in a short period of time.

A recruitment project typically works as follows:

Recruitment project

The "build and transfer" project recruitment

Within recruitment projects, there's also a particular type known as the “build and transfer”. Companies that opt for this solution receive assistance with hiring and training a specialist team as part of the recruitment project.

Project recruitment as a solution to temporary recruitment challenges is growing in popularity. However, while it has a lot of advantages, there are also some risks that should be considered.

If you'd like to learn more about project recruitment, get in touch with us to arrange a call with one of our experts or check out our case studies to see how other companies have fulfilled their recruitment needs using this solution.

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