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Not ready for end-to-end RPO

Not ready for end-to-end RPO?

Test the world of recruitment outsourcing with the project-based solution.

If your company experiences challenges related to hiring needs that go beyond the capacity of your HR team, you might be playing with the idea of working with an RPO provider. Some businesses may decide against the end-to-end outsourcing solution because of its long-term nature or out of fear of losing control over their recruitment processes. However, a full-cycle service is not the only option there. 

The companies that prefer a low-commitment approach to the world of recruitment outsourcing, project recruitment might be the best way to go. It gives companies an opportunity to step into the world of outsourcing without having to take big risks and entering long-term contracts.

The way it’s designed, project-based recruitment allows the companies to receive support within very specific boundaries:

  • Limited by time to support organisations affected by the seasonal fluctuations of hiring needs.
  • Based on the goal of supporting one-off business projects such as expansion to a new market.
  • Focused on improving the quality of candidates when the company has a high volume of hard-to-fill or technical positions.
  • When assistance is required in only one (or more) of the recruitment areas such as only sourcing or sourcing and screening.

Engaging in the project-based partnership with a recruitment outsourcing provider will give you a taste of what it’s like to enter the recruitment outsourcing world. 

This animated video explains how project-based recruitment works:

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