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Compare salaries across different locations, industries and areas of expertise. Use the Morgan McKinley Salary Guide Calculator to find out how much you should be paying your employees or how much you could be earning in your career.

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The salary levels are determined by factors including years of experience, size and type of organization, etc. Get in touch to know more.

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Download Salary Guide for 2021

View all salaries across professional services industries. Benchmark what you are paying your teams.

Salary Guide 2021
How to calculate a starting salary

How to calculate a starting salary

Hiring a new employee is an important step forward for your business. Their skills, experience and fresh perspective will be a valuable addition to your team. But how can you work out how much they should be paid? It’s a balancing act of what you can offer, what they expect and what is going on in your industry at the time of hiring them.

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How to handle an employee’s pay rise request

You want to ensure your team members are paid fairly for the work they do. Not only will it keep them motivated and performing well, but it will also help you retain them. If an employee comes to you with a pay rise request, there are a few things you can do to help you achieve an outcome that will satisfy all parties.

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handle an employee’s pay rise request
5 things to consider

5 considerations when growing your business

When your business is growing, so are your recruitment needs. But have you considered how location, people, skills and salaries influence your decisions?

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Download Your Salary Guide for 2021

View all salaries across professional services industries. Benchmark what you could be earning.

Salary Guide 2021
Career progression: How to get promoted

Career progression: How to get promoted

As a professional, being promoted is one of the greatest compliments you can receive. But it doesn’t just happen out of the blue. You will have to show your value and may even have to ask your manager what you need to do to earn it. There are 9 key things to consider when you’re thinking about putting yourself forward for an internal promotion.

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How to ask for a pay rise: 7 things to remember

You feel that your salary doesn’t equate to the value you bring to your team and the business as a whole. But discussing pay can be a sensitive subject and you don’t want to damage your relationship with your manager. So what are the 7 key things you should remember when asking for a pay rise?

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How to ask for a pay rise
How to negotiate your salary after receiving a job offer

How to negotiate your salary after receiving a job offer

You’ve been offered a new job. Congratulations, this means you’re about to embark on the next step in your career journey. Before you start, there are some final details that need to be cleared up; a salary negotiation with your future employer has been planned. But how can you ensure you get the best possible outcome?

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2021 'World of Work' Survey

Our 2021 ‘World of Work’ survey received over 6,000 responses from employers and employees based globally. We conducted this research into whether there are any shared sentiments or differences in expectations between employers and the workforce for the coming year.
Covering 5 key areas of the working world - Contracting, Pay Rises, Remote Working, Hiring Plans and Upskilling - 406 ‘organisations’ and 5,779 ‘professionals’ answered our short survey, representing a range of industries in our core locations of Ireland, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Mainland China and Japan.


2021 New Skills Trends

51% of companies believe that they will need to hire for new skill sets throughout 2021, in order to appropriately react to market changes. Most professionals appear eager to increase their value, with 77% planning to upskill in their area of expertise.

Insight: In order to adapt and be agile in the current markets, both companies and professionals know that new skills and upskilling will be key to staying competitive.

2021 Hiring Confidence Trends

Almost half (49%) of global businesses are confident that their organisation will return to normal levels of hiring in 2021. Professionals seem to be less optimistic about the resurgence of the recruitment market, with 32% believing that hiring will return to pre-COVID-19 levels in the coming 12 months.

Insight: Despite the pandemic, almost half of businesses are planning on returning to normal hiring levels in 2021. This highlights the fact that companies have adapted to the current market with changes like remote working, as well as the need for companies to continue with their business plans despite the turbulent market. Although only 32% of employees felt the same way, there clearly will be job opportunities in 2021.


2021 Pay Rise Trends

Over half of employers (51%) feel confident that they will be in a position to offer pay rises in 2021. Only 28% of employees are optimistic about being offered an increased salary.

Insight: It will be important for companies to retain their talent in 2021 in order to have the capability to adapt to the current market and stay competitive. While employees may feel differently about the prospects of a pay rise, the stats show that there will be opportunity from the employers’ perspective.

2021 Remote Working Trends

The vast majority (89%) of businesses envisage remote working to continue to some extent into the second half of 2021. Professionals share this perception; 86% of employees also think working from home will remain largely prominent.

Insight: It looks like remote working is here to stay in 2021, and both employers and employees are aligned in their perspectives on this. The big question is whether companies will ever go back with an ‘office-space’ approach or is remote working here to stay permanently?


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