Why Recruitment?!

December 3, 2013 2 mins read
Why Recruitment?!

I have been doing IT recruitment for almost 6 years and now I still feel passion about what I’m doing every day. Because in recruitment, everyday is different, everyday is exciting and everyday you will be meeting new people.

And the most importantly, it makes big Money! And Yes I love money, the potential rewards in recruitment are phenomenal, top performing recruiters can earn more than Doctors, Lawyers and Bankers! This is only part of the reason why I love recruitment.

In recruitment, you get to meet and talk to different people every day. In this information driven age, information is power and I feel like through the conversation with all different people every day, I’m fetching the newest information from everyone. And I’m just like a happy sponge, soaking in all these information and knowledge.

Also I think I’m a “people person” I get enormous satisfaction from helping others and building the relationship. In Recruitment I’m helping everyone in the business. I’m helping candidates find their ideal new job, help them progress in their career and giving them advices about their career. For my clients, I’m helping them to target the right candidates, giving them advices on recruit market information and salaries.

Of course in recruitment you will also need to face counter offers or candidate walk away on the first day candidate onboard, but it’s just like your life. You will learn from your failure and improve yourself next time. When the time you see yourself growing you will feel happier. When you developed the determination and mental toughness you will be able to deal with any challenge that comes your way.

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Marlon Mai
Managing Director, Greater China