Why LinkedIn Is Central to Our Career Ally Ethos

October 11, 2016 2 mins read
Why LinkedIn Is Central to Our Career Ally Ethos

LinkedIn recently announced its 2016 list of the Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies. We’re delighted not only to be a new entrant in the Top 25 overall but also to have claimed a spot in the Top 10 among large global recruitment firms.

LinkedIn ranked more than 60,000 staffing agencies using three metrics:

  • content marketing
  • social recruiting
  • social reach and engagement

(You can find out more about LinkedIn’s Most Socially Engaged (MSE) Staffing Agencies methodology here.)

Social engagement via LinkedIn is at the core of our Career Ally philosophy. It provides an excellent platform for keeping our followers informed and up to date about trends and developments not only in the jobs market here in China and beyond but also in their professional disciplines and industry sectors.

In fact, many job seekers find their way to our Career Ally Hub via LinkedIn: a unique resource centre with a range of intuitive and easy to use tools that will help you on your career journey.

Today we have some 75,000 followers on LinkedIn, up from 29,000 in January 2015. Most of this growth has been organic, that is to say through the referrals, comments and shares among our followers. Thanks to all of you who have contributed!

What is particularly satisfying is that we are appearing in the MSE Top 10 alongside companies that are many times larger than ourselves. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • We are highly specialised within a number of professional communities here in China. We know them well and as a result, the depth of our reach is greater – and depth translates into breadth of reach through organic growth.
  • Secondly, our intimate knowledge of what makes these communities tick enables us to produce better quality of content, which generates further feedback. It’s an ongoing dialogue.
  • Thirdly, we think global but act local. A lot of our content reflects local market issues and concerns. For example here in China we have focused much of our communication on the Financial Services, Internet and FinTech communities, which are key industries for China.
  • Fourthly, we focus on relationships through personal meetings and through social media where we continue to engage our candidates who are also our followers.
  • Last but not least: the commitment of our own staff in bringing you the content that you are looking for, together with the enthusiastic contributions and feedback of our followers.
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Marlon Mai
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