When taking office, what could we talk about?-----Cai Yingwen’s Inaugural Address(May 20, 2016)

June 6, 2016 2 mins read
When taking office, what could we talk about?-----Cai Yingwen’s Inaugural Address(May 20, 2016)

Recently, a lot of friends have assumed office in a new company. A topic we often chat about is - what should you say as your first statement when acquring a new position?

Compared with the farewell speech (this is also a topic worthy of discussion), first impressions and the first statement in the new workplace is crucial, in fact, it will have great impact on the follow-up. Especially as a parachuted executive, your every word and action attracts tremendous attention.

I often suggest one perspective we can learn from is the inaugural address of political figures.

Put aside the political views, we can learn from their ways of telling stories, as well as their concerns. The inaugural address of a political figure, after all, is the product of his aides and staff racking all their brains.

Recently, Cai Yingwen's inaugural address has attracted significant attention.

I still remember her state of speech in the rain when she was defeated several years ago. This time, what we should all be concerned about is the structure of her speech.

It is noteworthy that she has stressed the commitment after expressing her gratitude.

After taking office, Cai Yingwen expressed her gratitude by convention. Then, she pointed to the essence immediately. She said that people chose her for the four words - to solve the problem. No doubt, this is also the expectation that all staff in the new company hold towards every executive after taking office.If so, we may as well directly respond to this expectation. How about her attitude? She said: "I also want to tell you that we need to honestly face and share all the difficulties ahead." Her attitude towards difficulties is not to fight alone but to unite the people.

However, apart from the attitude, a new manager also needs to show his insight and the ability of analyzing and controlling situations.

Cai has listed 11 difficulties faced by Taiwan, as well as the focus - young generation's anxiety. It is a good move. Any manager, should not only see the overall situation, but also grasp the key issue. More importantly, the group she pays attention to is crucial to the support of her future work. So it is particularly important to understand their thoughts.

After the analysis of the situation, the last step is to provide a solution. The 5 points Cai proposed are - no lack of sensitive relationships and involved with the interests of all parties which need to be properly considered.If you are a new executive, you should also be cautious about this step.

Analyzing briefly to here, I hope it can help you in some extent.

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