What type of career consultant would you choose?

Marlon Mai February 14, 2014 2 mins read

You work in a first-tier city company where timely, accurate job market information is crucial and everyone in the business is reliant on it. So what type of career consultant would you be inclined to choose to steer you in the right direction during the job-hunting process?

Below is a list of common career consultant archetypes.

The Comprehensive consultant: With a thorough analysis of your CV and many questions about your CV and work experience will then identify whether you are suitable for the role you are applying for. They will also provide you with detailed information about the position and employer, including your seniority in the organization, who you will report to, salary, and the core assessment points of the job.

The Specialized consultant: After a thorough telephone interview, this consultant can gain an understanding of your strong points, as well as give you a broad outline of what employers are looking for. You will not need to get into too much detail as this consultant can access you and your qualifications in a matter of minutes.
The Honest consultant: Through a brief telephone interview, this consultant can gain a good understanding of your past experience and can provide any honest feedback and advise whether or not you will have a good chance in securing an interview. They will tell you everything they know about a particular job without being pushy or overbearing.
The Professional consultant: This consultant will listen carefully to what you have to say and your requirements, and accurately relay this information to employers. As for salary, this consultant believes that in most cases it should be based on the level of your previous work experience. This consultant will follow the employer’s hiring process and provide honest and constructive feedback.
The basic-level service consultant: You don’t hear from this consultant on a regular basis and if this consultant places you into a role, you believe that the successful placement came down to you.
Which one do you think best describes your experience of working with career or recruitment consultant or which consultant type(s) do you prefer?

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