What does chemistry mean to job seekers?

June 6, 2016 2 mins read
What does chemistry mean to job seekers?

One of the most frustrating reasons for a job seeker to be declined is “we have no chemistry”. And this could lead to confusion or even anger for the rejected professional. However, we do think it is important that both sides use interview time wisely to determine how good chemistry you have in between.

A recent study found that more than a third of North American employers say personality fit is the main reason that new joiners quit after only a few months. Therefore a job interview is not just a tool for an employer to find the right employee for their business, but also an opportunity for professionals to determine whether that employer is the right fit for them as well.

Below are several factors, which make up a company’s culture and will indicate if this employer is the right fit for you:

Team Spirit:

Individual “hero” versus collaboration, solitude versus teamwork. Some positions rely almost entirely on team effort while others require a lot of self-driven and individual contribution. During an interview when questions like “How dependant are other people on me and my duties” being discussed, both interviewer and candidates have the opportunity to clarify if it is likely a good fit.


Different companies have different expectations around conformity, from dress code to punctuality. Consider carefully if you would be able to adapt. Otherwise, it is possible that there might be “no chemistry” if as a candidate you appear in more casual clothes for an interview while aiming for a role with a dress code conformity, then it is possible to encounter problems in the future.

Work Life Balance:

If you and your manager have different expectations about how intense your working schedule is going to be then it is possible that you will soon face difficulties. For instance, if although you have good performance within standard work hours your manager still expects you to stay late into the evening, as that’s the culture that exists in that company, then you will quickly become frustrated in the role. By clarifying how important a healthy work life balance is to the employer during the interview, you can resolve this problem at this stage, and of course, avoid a “no chemistry” situation in case this employer company is expecting differently.


Ask enough questions during the interview and stay focused. The feeling instinctively that you have good interaction with your interviewer / future employer it is possible to be a sign that you’ll fit in well.

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