What are you doing to prepare for a better market?

November 15, 2013 1 min read
What are you doing to prepare for a better market?

Apple is due to unveil its widely speculated new generations of iphone and ipad in less than a week.

Over the years, the public has seen Apple’s products become leaner, slicker and more user-friendly than ever. Market demand and customer feedback have always been major influences for Apple’s design in next generation products. When it comes to job-seeking candidates, they must also consider “market” and “customer” in modern day hiring.

Sun Tzu said in “The Art of War”, “one who knows himself and his enemies shall win the battle.” Competition for limited job opportunities in a stagnant market is gruesome. Both active and passive job seekers must understand their competitive advantages. Total market demand and approximate number of competing peers for such roles in the market are two good approaches to get started in understanding the market.

“Customers” in a buyer’s market is no longer satisfied with matching work experience in candidates. Hiring company is increasingly looking for “a perfect candidate” who has the right personality and beliefs for the company. Establishing a common ground with the interviewers set stage for strong rapport throughout the interview.

Familiarity with the sort-after job market segment, along with experience and personality fit, are key skills to strengthen while waiting for an upward shift in job market.

Morgan McKinley