Tips to help you become an effective senior manager - Part 1

September 9, 2014 3 mins read
Tips to help you become an effective senior manager - Part 1

There are an infinite number of tips that can help managers and leaders to better prioritize their time. In this blogs, I have chosen the best of these tried-and-true tricks in order to help professionals make the leap from carrying out orders to becoming true managers and leaders.

I call the following managerial and leadership-related tips"Golden Skills":

• Devote time to expanding the skills and duties of those who report to you. This includes providing training and giving your team greater authority.

• Actively and intently listen to your employee's feelings.

• Give and accept employee feedback.

• Encourage the members of your team.

Another important technique that can help you attain the executive ranks is to learn how to enjoy your role as a manager and appreciate the fact that your actions can have a positive influence on those work for you. Why not make the most of your role as a manager? Many unsuspecting managers discover that, when they begin to enjoy and appreciate the importance of their job, many problems start to solve themselves. These people often tell me that their appreciation of their role as a manager contributes to making their job more relaxed and less stressful, and that they now get tasks done much faster than they had ever imagined.

Next, I'll share a few tips that can help most of you become successful managers.

  • Don't make excuses for yourself

Successful managers don't waste their energy and creativity on finding excuses for themselves.

  • Try new things

Successful managers are bold enough to try new things that they had never considered before—including ideas that other managers haven't tried before.

  • Encourage yourself

Successful managers will congratulate themselves on a job well done. They will constantly remind themselves of the fields in which they have made progress and of the difficulties that they have succeeding in overcoming. They often engage in this kind of positive dialogue with their selves in order to give themselves positive reinforcement, and are therefore a very self-confident group of people.

  • Visualise your objectives

Successful managers have a clear perception of the goals that they wish to achieve, and constantly reinforce a mental picture of their success. This mental picture then serves as a criteria that their use for evaluating themselves and their actions. Developing the ability to visualize your goals will help you make unbelievable achievements.

  • Recognise the gradual progress made by those who work under your command, and develop a trusting relationship with them.

Successful managers will observe the gradual progress made by those for work for them. They regularly praise and encourage employees on any improvements they make throughout the performance of a task. This is infinitely more effective than only praising employees when the job is done.

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