Three secret weapons that will enhance your workplace competitiveness

September 23, 2014 2 mins read
Three secret weapons that will enhance your workplace competitiveness

In our cut-throat society, our competitiveness in the workplace has come to define our overall success. If you want to stand out from the masses, you not only need to take the offensive by improving your work performance—you also need to have a certain amount of 'soft power'. The following three"secret weapons" may serve as inspiration for your professional development.

1) Be humble

This is the most important element of 'soft power'. If you treat everyone with a humble attitude, regardless of their status in relation to you, you're sure to make them happy. If they're your boss, they'll think that you'll be more responsive to their orders and may be more willing to teach you. If they're your employee, then they'll find you more approachable and will therefore be more willing to share their opinions with you. Creating a positive impression with your colleagues will not only increase the efficiency of your communication—it may also give you the upper hand when there's a possible promotion on the horizon.

2) Develop an understanding of your company's business activities

Regardless of whether you're in HR or sales, you need to have an understanding of your company's business situation. Information such as the company's revenue, the outcome of its fiscal year, changes in its organizational structure and the current state of the industry all serve as indicators of the direction in which the company's business activities are headed. Knowing the state of your company's business activities will give you a more extensive understanding of the company as a whole, giving you a better idea of its—and your—status in relation to other industry rivals. It will also provide you with topics of conversation that will help you as you develop a network with colleagues and professional connections. This is a good way to show off your different advantages and enhance your competitiveness in the workplace.

3) Control your emotions

If you wish to go far in the workplace, you need to pay special attention to your mental wellbeing so that you can approach problems with an optimistic attitude, effectively control your emotions in different contexts, and adopt different tones and language to suit your interlocutor. In conclusion, a high emotional IQ will always bring you unexpected rewards.

I hope these top tips have provided you ideas on how to stay relevant and competitive in the workplace. If you have any queries or require further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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