Technology is driving us apart

February 25, 2014 2 mins read
Technology is driving us apart

With the rampant use of ERP systems, more and more companies (both hiring companies, job sites and recruitment companies) implemented sophisticated resume-depository systems that somewhat created a huge moat between talents and employers.

Firstly, based on my experience, a really outstanding talent (I’m assuming that most employers do not aim to hire mediocre people, but sometimes I can be wrong about this too) does not need to, and will seldom allow their resume to “float” in the market.  All my outstanding candidates guard their resume ferociously, only sending their resumes to designated and known person, and also for a very good reason.

Secondly, the feedback I’ve received from candidates who use these kinds of system are reminiscent of the kind of feedback I’ve received when voicemail and pre-recorded telephone customer service first came about in the late 1990s: You wait for a long time, with no indication of when someone will get back to you, nor when the position is closed, or hey, when someone is actually reading your resume! 

It might be worth a thought to design recruitment software that sends responses at certain key stages.  If I have a magic wand, the ideal recruitment software should send a pre-designed response during these stages:

  • When employees successfully upload their profile and resume. 
    After putting them through what usually is not an easy process (filling out particulars, job history, their family tree, qualification, upload CV and photos etc), it is critical to reward them with the confirmation that everything went well and the first step is now complete.
  • When someone within the organization is viewing/have viewed their profile. 
    Similar to my analogy of the pre-recorded phone customer service, it is always rewarding for employees to know that a human being resides behind all that coding and website.
  • When the role which they’ve applied for is now closed.
    More often than not, potential talents apply for a specific role.  Once the particular role is closed (from the system), the rest of applicants should receive a notification that this role is closed, and thank them for taking interest and applying for the role.  This is the part where most recruiters (direct or from agencies) fail big time, and receive the worst feedback.

Do note that I did not include stages such as “Shortlisted” or “Accepted” because naturally, recruiters will reach out to the applicant in one way or another.

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