Employee Benefits & Health Afternoon Tea Talk Event

April 18, 2014 2 mins read
Employee Benefits & Health Afternoon Tea Talk Event

On 11 April 2014 we held our Compensation & Benefits event at Kathleen's 5 (China Art Museum) in Shanghai.

Surrounded by the gracious architecture of the building and the refined interior of Kathleen's 5, the event was aimed at providing relevant trends and practices around Compensation & Benefits linked to Health.

As there has been an increasing focus on employees' health, this topic has become a relevant and actual point of discussion for many of our candidates and clients. We invited two senior speakers from Mercer Marsh Benefits (Mr. Cui and Mr. Xu) and they were very generous in terms of sharing best practices to our 60+ Senior HR Professionals.

The outcome and general feedback was very positive as most of our audience appreciated the opportunity to understand and share relevant market practices and to be provided with a platform to engage with other HR professionals. It was interesting to see many familiar and new faces and it was great to be able to bring together a large group of professionals. Our consultants and managers were surrounded by enthusiastic guests answering questions while everyone was also trying to enjoy the afternoon tea we had provided for our guests.

One of the interesting observations based on the presentations provided by Mercer was that whilst everyone wants to get involved and engaged in employee health related activities, the objective and outcomes must be thought out well in advance rather than it just trying to follow a trend. Most employers and employees have to determine together what the awareness is, what the needs are and then decide what the employer can offer based on their own people agenda.

In addition to this, the point was made that aspects such as work-life balance might have different meaning for different employees at different stages of their career development. Employees with young children might require a more flexible type of environment while front office employees might need more days off because of their irregular working hours.

Ultimately the key to having a good health and benefit plan in place is to understand the needs of your workforce and being able to provide practical and sometimes tailor made solutions through the efforts of HR and line management. 

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