The Recruitment and Selection of Talents in a Constantly Changing Environment

Marlon Mai October 18, 2018 2 mins read

As technology advances, many recruitment professionals are debating whether AI will replace recruiters or how it will affect our work and traditional ways of working. AI is a disrupter. No recruiter can afford to ignore the changes brought by it. But will AI pose a threat to our existence in the near future?

On Sept. 14, Morgan McKinley hand in hand with the world-famous talent assessment service provider SHL and more than 50 senior HR experts shared a series of trends in the challenges to talent recruitment and selection in the digital era at the Ritz-Carlton Pudong.

AI has gradually entered our daily life. Transportation, medical care, smart home and so on are all fields in which AI will excel. So what role can AI play in recruitment?

Recruitment AI is an emerging new kind of HR technology. The aim is to reduce or even eliminate time-consuming and tedious work, such as manually sifting through resumes.

Effective screening remains the biggest challenge in talent recruitment. 52% HR managers say the hardest part of recruitment is to find the right candidates from a large number of applicants.

In this event, Rio Goh, general manager of Morgan McKinley China, shared with the guests the value of AI+ recruitment:

  • First, AI can improve recruiter experience. Facing hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes, recruiters inevitably will become testy. AI can help HR quickly sift through a large number of resumes. It can avoid misjudgment caused by subjective emotions and bias and improve the work experience of HR.
  • Second, AI can enhance work efficiency. Although the accuracy of AI in screening resumes is not up to the level of manual sifting, the data processing ability of AI is much higher than that of human beings. AI can process hundreds of thousands or even millions of resumes a day and choose the right candidates for HR to make decisions. In the future, we should consider how to use AI to achieve the balance between talent quality and work efficiency.
  • You can always make the machines to learn the knowledge, but it is difficult for a machine to have a human heart.
  • Third, AI will never replace human recruiters. There is no doubt that AI will improve human life and work, but we need not worry that AI will replace us. As Jack Ma said: You can always make the machines to learn the knowledge, but it is difficult for a machine to have a human heart.

As a world-famous recruitment service provider, Morgan McKinley also actively uses machine learning and has independently developed an intelligent recruitment system, THE ROCKET. I believe that in the near future, we will be able to serve employers better.

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