Professional Development Strategies to Attract Talented Employees

November 6, 2015 2 mins read
Professional Development Strategies to Attract Talented Employees

As headhunters, we are often asked by employers how we as a company attract talented new employees. At the same time, many clients also ask us what kind of environment suits their long-term development.

As we come into contact with more and more employers, it has become clear to us that the majority of professionals who have career ambitions hope that the company that hires them will offer them a stable platform for growth, and that—more importantly—their superiors will be responsible for their professional development.

A channel for professional development is a major incentive to job hunters. Professionals attribute a great deal of importance to their own development.  The pursuit of professional goals is one of the main factors that motivate people to compete in the workplace. Also, as far as these professionals are concerned, having a secure format for professional development is equal to having a decent salary and social benefits.

Expanding the skills and scope of your professional responsibilities and accumulating new experiences are the most popular methods of improving development amongst employees. During the interview stage, many candidates ask specific questions about opportunities for professional development, however, what's unfortunate is that fewer than half of companies will readily provide information regarding opportunities for development within their job announcements. Meanwhile, by expanding the scope of employees’ responsibilities and providing more diverse work experiences, certain companies choose to promote the professional development of their employees, thus ensuring that those employees will remain working for them.

To conclude, whether you're an employer or an employee, professional development (be it your own or one in your team) is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when making decisions regarding a job offer or a prospective employee.

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