Plane Delays—What Frustrates You Most?

Morgan McKinley November 15, 2013 2 mins read

In July, many Chinese cities entered the rainy season. The widespread aircraft delays caused by sudden rain and thunderstorms have become a public point of concern.

Within just a week, multiple cities including Shanghai and Beijing have experienced conflicts between passengers and flight attendants as a direct result of these flight delays.

When faced with airline delays, what frustrates passengers most? What exactly is causing therepeated occurrence of these conflicts? When interviewed on the news, most passengers express understanding regarding the weather and a willingness to cooperate with airlines. When faced with extended delays. However, what frustrates them most is the lack of timely, updated information. This leaves passengers in a state of hopeless waiting, feeling as if airlines don’t value them as customers.

Recruitment consultants, as members of a service industry working in close contact with customers, should also place a heavy emphasis on communication with candidates. As candidates wait during CV selection and feedback, interview results and other stages of the hiring process, they are extremely anxious for information, and sincerely hope not to be forgotten by consultants just because they were not selected. For this reason, good recruitment consultants should not only focus on finding suitable candidates for their clients, but also focus on providing good service to the candidates themselves. In this way, the candidates feel more respected, receive more timely updates and more valuable opinions regarding their career plans during their cooperation with recruitment consultants.

This July, Morgan McKinley unveiled a worldwide series of training programs with “The Candidate’s Experience” as its central theme, thus furthering efforts to create a professional recruitment consultant team better prepared to serve candidates. In these programs, we’ve placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of communication. We hope that in their cooperation with Morgan McKinley, job seekers won’t find themselves feeling helpless like unfortunate air passengers, but rather empowered and in control, like they’re an important part of the hiring process.

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