Morgan McKinley wishes you a very Merry Christmas

Marlon Mai December 13, 2013 2 mins read

Morgan McKinley...reminding you what Christmas really is all about.

Too often there is a hard sell by companies at Christmas time when it comes to promoting their brand. You can picture the Sales Director briefing the Marketing Team to come up with a Christmas message that will 'drive sales' or 'make people pick up the phone to us'. But surely Christmas is about a time when nothing matters only celebrating the magic of the season and who better to help bring this message to life than kids.

We were all kids once and we all love Christmas in some shape or form as it allowed us to dream of magical things. Santa Claus in the sky with his reindeers, fitting down the chimney despite his rather large stomach with presents, reindeers waiting patiently behind on the roof of the house, and imagine, Santa managing to make his way to every single child around the world in one night. He was superman!

So while as kids we dreamed of the white bearded man we also dreamed of what we could be one day. Yes some of us wanted to be doctors and nurses but some of us wanted to be astronauts and fairies. Christmas allowed us to dream. So let's take this season to dream. Escape the madness of corporate life, of making the next million, of closing that deal and of securing the next role for our candidate. Because if we don't, January will come around too soon and we will wonder where Christmas went, where we lost the magic.

Don't lose the magic.

Merry Christmas from Morgan McKinley

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