Morgan McKinley participates in the Durham University Career Panel and Career Fair

October 31, 2014 2 mins read
Morgan McKinley participates in the Durham University Career Panel and Career Fair

On Saturday 18 October 2014 afternoon, I and three of my colleagues at Morgan McKinley participated in the Career Panel and Career Fair hosted by Durham University.

The event took place at the Hilton Hotel, located in the city's centre. Over 180 graduates and alumni from Durham University's School of Business, as well as over 10 Companies took part in the event. The entire event was split into two parts: beginning with a Career Panel which lasted approximately one hour, and concluding with a two hour fair that facilitated free interaction between the Companies and Durham University graduates.


As a global HR Recruitment Consultancy, Morgan McKinley was delighted to participate in the Career Panel as one of six specially invited panelists. Associate Director Marlon Mai, who is responsible for our company's Finance, Accounting and HR Recruitment, represented Morgan McKinley China at the panel alongside high-level management from five other internationally renowned enterprises, including Bosch, Hilton and AC Nielsen. The panel members discussed and shared advice on topics such as how to plan a career path, as well as the abilities and qualities needed to succeed in the workplace. They also conducted a general discussion with the alumni and graduates of Durham University.


Marlon's impassioned speech elicited an equally enthusiastic response from the audience of Durham University alumni and graduates. Morgan McKinley also proved very popular with graduates during the free discussion time that followed the Career Panel. We welcomed an endless stream of students seeking advice and applying for positions. We received the CVs of many outstanding candidates, whom we thank for their great interest in the recruitment industry and our company. We are always delighted to see such high interest from students. We will submit the CVs we received during the fair to our colleagues in HR, who will conscientiously review them, and will be in touch with the applicants who meet our requirements.


We are extremely grateful to Durham University for offering us a platform that allowed us to directly communicate with their outstanding business students and alumni, thus allowing people to better understand Morgan McKinley and the services we offer in Mainland China.

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Alan Li
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