Morgan McKinley Global Trend Report IT PMO 2015

Marlon Mai February 17, 2015 2 mins read

In line with our commitment to keep professionals working in the IT Project Management Office discipline up to date with employment and recruitment trends, in the last quarter of 2014 Morgan McKinley conducted an international survey of its consultants in seven markets.

Globally it is a rather mixed picture but there are common trends including the increasing popularity of the Agile methodology and many projects in the compliance, data and digital areas. In many markets professionals are facing often difficult choices, in particular whether to choose a contract, fixed term or permanent role, and what type of qualifications and experience will best help them to move forward.

We provide a few pointers in this report, but this is a very fast-moving environment and you are well advised to speak directly to a Morgan McKinley IT PMO specialist, many of whom are quoted in this document.

Preference for candidates who have worked with innovators

Overall the situation has not changed dramatically in the IT PMO recruitment market in Mainland China, although many professionals at IT giants such as IBM have lost their jobs recently because of company restructures.

“It is difficult for these individuals to find new jobs as they have enjoyed a relatively comfortable working environment and the market is currently highly competitive,” says Vicky Wang, Manager, Information Technology at Morgan McKinley’s Shanghai office. “Hiring organisations currently prefer candidates who have worked on projects with start-ups and fast-growing internet companies.” The big growth areas are mobile and digital, with skills in digital design especially highly valued. A further hot topic in China is IT security.

The market is currently highly competitive.

Over the next year we therefore expect to see more IT PMO professionals seeking to switch from more traditional IT roles, for example on operational and ERP projects, to digital and internet.

“Of course, the pendulum may swing back, eventually,” says Wang. The shift is likely to see people getting more proactive in seeking new employers and our outlook is generally optimistic.

Salaries & Benefits

Pay increases will be meagre in traditional IT roles but candidates moving into digital and mobile roles can expect pay hikes in the order of 20 to 30%.

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