Morgan McKinley College Career Planning Symposium Successfully Held

April 18, 2016 3 mins read
Morgan McKinley College Career Planning Symposium Successfully Held

As a socially responsible global professional recruitment consultancy, Morgan McKinley, together with the career centers of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Shanghai International Studies University, East China University of Political Science and Law, and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, successfully planned and held a small-scale career planning symposium at the graduation season in 2016. Around 20 juniors, seniors and third-year graduate students were invited to visit Morgan McKinley offices and attend the symposium.

In the warm-up session, we designed a number of games for them to make friends with students from different universities and in different majors. Then Rio Goh, General Manager of Morgan McKinley (China) introduced our brand and culture, as well as the headhunting industry, to give them a real insight into Morgan McKinley. Next, Marlon Mai, our Deputy Director talked about his professional and occupational transformation in a humorous way, and systematically analyzed the career planning of a headhunter. He wanted to inspire the students with our own experience


.Morgan McKinley College Career Planning Symposium Successfully Held

We prepared some refreshments and coffee to create a relaxed atmosphere for the students to ask questions they were interested in. Our colleagues answered the questions. Their top concerns are: 1. The relevancy between their majors and employment options - should they choose a job relevant to their academic qualifications? 2. How do you give full play to their advantages and choose the right career? 3. How do you answer certain interview questions? We were told that the job education in universities was impractical. Teachers could not teach students how to choose jobs and how to plan their careers through personal experience. Some juniors said they hoped to see more activities like this. After the symposium, many students approached us to ask about our recruitment plan, and we will follow up to provide internships or permanent positions for some of them.

Morgan McKinley College Career Planning Symposium Successfully Held


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