MMK Cooperates with New Sunshine Hospital School Project on Children’s Day

June 2, 2016 4 mins read
MMK Cooperates with New Sunshine Hospital

Morgan McKinley officially entered into China Mainland market in 2011. While rapidly developing our business, we never forget to give back to the community and take an active part in public welfare. On the occasion of Children’s Day this year, Morgan McKinley cooperates with Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation through donations and volunteering, in order to contribute to the successful operation of the “Hospital School” program and give more attention to children with leukemia. 

Nowadays, there is an existing vacuum in China’s compulsory education system and children development area, which are the long-term hospitalized children with leukemia. With the mission of “to love others as ourselves”, Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation is dedicated to empowering the prevention, care and cure of Cancer and Blood diseases. The New Sunshine Hospital School is one of the programs under Patient Services, committed to providing targeted education and service to children with leukemia.

In China, new cases of children leukemia is at an estimated number of 7,000 – 8,000 people each year, 70% of which can be cured. Due to the long-term treatment however, at least 2-3 years, or even longer, children are unable to go to school. Without school and friends, children are accompanied only by doctors, nurses, medical equipment and their parents/family members. 

95% of childhood cancer survivors who go back the school showed a reduced ability of social adaptation and parents and doctors are unable to solve the problem of children with leukemia in social adaptability.

What can New Sunshine Hospital School do?

Based on foreign best practices and integration of resources on medical, social work and psychology, Beijing New Sunshine Charity started the Hospital School project in 2012. It is a special education program aimed at building education locations both inside and outside of the hospital and providing companion-education. By opening developing courses on hospital adaptation, art and game, behavior modification and also building parents supporting groups, it contributed in keeping children’s ability of studying and social adaptation.

By the end of 2015, this program had an attendance number of 16,942 people and serving-time of 3,070 hours. Beijing New Sunshine Charity has built 15 hospital schools in 8 regions around the country, serving over 1,000 children with leukemia, other tumors, kidney disease and so on. In the near future, the program will benefit more long-term hospital children nationwide.

MMK Cooperates with New Sunshine Hospital School Project on Children’s Day

What will Morgan McKinley do for the children?

Apart from donating to help the foundation Morgan McKinley will also carry out more activities. Morgan McKinley will take part in the New Sunshine Hospital School program through volunteering. We will teach classes in Mandarin Chinese, math, English, so that children can stay up to speed with society and feel valuable and knowledgeable after they are discharged from hospital upon recovery. We can also help to stimulate their hobbies and enrich their lives by spending time doing handwork and playing puzzle games such as Rubik’s Cube, Go and Chess.

MMK Cooperates with New Sunshine Hospital School Project on Children’s Day

Rio Goh, Manager Director of Morgan McKinley Great China, says, while positively pushing the charity activity,” We welcome the opportunity to support the New Sunshine Charity Foundation in their brave pursuit of saving lives and improving public health in China. As an organization, Morgan McKinley is committed to improving people's lives by helping candidates find their ideal job as well as helping our clients find talented people. It is a great privilege to give something back to the community and we will continue giving back as much as we can.”

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