To know reasons for quitting a job: Ask the candidates directly or conduct a background check?

November 15, 2013 2 mins read
To know reasons for quitting a job: Ask the candidates directly or conduct a background check?

Many HR staff commonly ask the same question when interviewing candidates: “why did you quit your previous job?”

We also come across the same question when conducting a background check. Currently, the prevailing ways of handling this situation include: 1. the HR division of the company conducts its own investigation; 2. outsource to a third party - a professional investigation company - to deal with; or 3. ask the recruitment company to conduct a background check. What should we do if the results of the background check contradict the information provided by the candidate?

In this case, which solution would you prefer? How would you make your judgment?

We need to ask the candidate a very important question before and after the interview: “If everything goes well, before the written offer sent by the client, we will instruct a third party to conduct a comprehensive background check. What kind of information that you have provided needs to be modified?”

According to Alibaba Founder Ma Yun, there are a variety of reasons for quitting a job, but in the end, it can be attributed to two points: 1. not being satisfied with one's salary; 2. suffering from an injustice. In short, he or she is not being happy with the job. When an employee leaves the company, in order not to embarrass you, he or she will make efforts to find reasonable excuses. The employee would not explicitly express his disappointment and dissatisfaction with your management. But as a manager, you have to reflect about yourself.

For HR, enquiring about the reasons for quitting a job is a way of evaluating the value orientation of the candidates.

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