Key trends set to shape banking careers in Shanghai

November 25, 2014 1 min read
Key trends set to shape banking careers in Shanghai

I was recently interviewed by eFinancialCareers to discuss the differences in the talent market between Hong Kong and Shanghai and the trends set to shape banking careers in Shanghai.

Hong Kong is a more mature and international market in terms of talent pool. This is partly because of the maturity level of the financial market in Hong Kong as well as Hong Kong being more receptive to international talent due to less stringent requirements on Chinese culture and language. Pay in Hong Kong is still higher (certainly after taxes) however Shanghai is catching up.

Relationship Managers for large local Chinese clients, state-owned and privately-owned enterprises will be more in demand in Shanghai than Hong Kong over the next year. More and more foreign banks have started to grow their China corporate desks and at the same time these professionals are difficult to find as you need an experienced relationship manager to deal with actual decision makers in these organisations.

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Alan Li
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