Interview preparation checklist

Marlon Mai March 24, 2014 2 mins read

Going for an interview but don’t know how to prepare? Here's a checklist with all the main points you need to know.

Apart from review the Job description, knowing the company background, confident about your own experiences and knowledge. Here is a checklist to help you make a positive first impression at a job interview.


  • Wear appropriate business attire and footwear. Do not wear jeans, shorts, mini-skirts, etc. unless the company cultural is extremely casual.
  • Make sure they are clean, pressed and well-fitting. Ladies bring an extra pair of stocking as a contingency.
  • Make sure your hair looks clean and smart and your finger nails are clean
  • Conservative makeup for ladies, and gentleman are advised to shave
  • Needless to say, make sure you've showered or bathed, and if you wear perfume then make sure it's subtle


  • Don’t be late, always arrive 5-10 min earlier
  • Switch off your phone, or put it on silent. Don’t leave it on vibrant as that's still distracting

What to Bring

  • A notepad and pen is usually advisable. Its necessary to write down notes and important points during interviews
  • Related references and your CV

Questions and Answers

  • Run through the questions you might be asked, this includes questions related to the job as well as why you are looking for jobs now
  • Prepare questions for the companies and interviewers as well. It shows them you are keen to know more about them and you careful about choosing your next job

Last but not least, don’t forget to give your interviewers your sun shine smile and your strong firm handshakes. Good luck on your Interviews!

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