As international banks shrink in China, a new breed of banker emerges

Alan Li September 15, 2015 1 min read

I was recently interviewed by eFinancialCareers to discuss the changing requirements to be a banker in China.

The key requirements for being a senior banker are still around client and people network - whether senior bankers can bring in deals as well as people to work on those deals. At the same time, having a good understanding of the regulatory environment is also very useful. Connections, especially with large Chinese companies as well as investors are still very important.

We do see more requirements for adaptability and embracing change and for the senior bankers this can be a challenge. As the traditional industries are being challenged by the digital and internet sectors, more and more bankers need to adapt to the changing market environment and knowing people is just not going to be enough anymore. Many senior bankers are now considering their own careers and are more and more open to opportunities in non-traditional investment sectors. 

There will be more challenges for the foreign banks while the financial and regulatory environment in China becomes more complicated. Investment banks have to specialize as well in order to lead within those sectors and the demand is for bankers with these specific skills and know-how. 

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