How to maintain and attract positive energy in the workplace

August 18, 2014 3 mins read
How to maintain and attract positive energy in the workplace

Our minds are like repositories of energy. While this repository is a source of positive energy such as optimism, determination, confidence and happiness, it also includes negative energy such as pessimism, sorrow, doubt and selfishness. There is a negative correlation between these two energies.

Therefore, if we can consistently cultivate positive energy, this positive energy will gradually replace our negative emotions, in turn amplifying our sense of happiness and accomplishment, and helping us to lead happier work lives.

I’ve often discussed how to concentrate positive energy in the workplace with potential employees. Within this blog article, I’ll share some of the insights I have gained from these discussions.

The first step to maintaining a positive vibe in the workplace is to not hold grudges. While it’s OK to blow off steam at occasional, appropriate intervals, it’s important not to invariably blame your coworkers, or to incessantly complain about your workplace and the things that occur there. The reason why we find moaners and groaners so unlikeable is because they create an abrasive environment for their listeners. In venting their frustration, these people spread their negative feelings to those around them, thus influencing the productiveness of their colleagues.

Next, brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. In truth, the majority of negative feelings in the workplace are derived from an imbalance between what a worker is putting in versus what they’re getting back. This may include unfulfilling professional relationships, or stunted self-actualisation. If you can resolve negative feelings by addressing their source, and are willing to attack problems from new, constructive angles, then you may be surprised by what you can accomplish. In sum, the key to freeing yourself from negative feelings lies in being proactive.

Thirdly, make an effort to communicate more with positive people. Grouping positive people together is an effective way to spread and cultivate positive energy. In actuality, people who flourish in the workplace share certain characteristics. Obviously, these characteristics aren’t something that you can just learn, but you may find that there is something contagious and uplifting about the positive attitude and energy of these people. You may even find that this kind of energy will help you view problems in a different light.

There are several different methods via which you can implement the above advice. For example, the psychological concept of “suggestion”. When you are feeling down, in order to give yourself some positive suggestions, try to recall a heart-warming memory, or think about something that makes you proud. Believe it or not, Ah Q’s “spiritual victory” method (from the Lu Xun novel, The True Story of Ah Q) can be an effective method of psychological suggestion.

Alternatively, consider potential activities for releasing frustration, such as exercise, shopping, or other forms of entertainment. Often, consuming physical energy is an effective way of earning a sense of catharsis. After your negative emotions have passed, encourage yourself as you reassess the issue at hand. Your new-found positive energy should serve as a beacon that will guide you through all the challenges you face and encourage you to seize new opportunities.

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