How to judge whether you can be a freelancer?

August 18, 2016 3 mins read
How to judge whether you can be a freelancer?

Along with the greater demand for a better life quality as well as The Millennials’ growing personalization towards the choice of their own life-style, freelance is no longer a stranger to human beings. Maybe you would imagine a freelancer’s daily life as this: getting up in the morning with the aroma of the sun and coffee, turning on the computer for today’ headline news and then starting to write the special column articles. When the inspiration disappeared, he/she would go out to the small restaurant downstairs to enjoy a single-serving meal and seeing people hurrying to and from with their thoughts drifting about. After stuffing, he/she would go back and finish the article before handing over and auditing. So today’s work could be done freely. 

Indeed, freelancers are free to manage their work time, address and working style, which seem really enviable; however, we shouldn’t go with the stream regarding career development and choice. So then, how do you determine if you could also become a successful freelancer?

1.If you possess a great skill

The reason why freelancers are called “free” is because they possess a great skill such as photography, design, writing, programming, and foreign language etc., which becomes a special skill for them to live on, also called “core competence”. Sure, your core competence may not have some skills with creative power and it may be project management or administrative management as well. Most important of all is that your core competence should have market. Please study and estimate your own ability level as well as make a thorough investigation towards the skill’s demand market before you decide to become a freelancer. 

2 .What do you want to sacrifice for freedom?

Becoming a freelancer means you should give up something when obtaining freedom. For example, the stable income, aura of a big corporation and some accumulation fund and old-age welfare etc. Think about your own needs and family demands and then decide if these things can be given up for freedom. 

3 .Could you be highly disciplined

Freelancers should avoid two extremes. One is over idleness which could make you often lose the Customer Company’s dead line, for example, failing to finish the task on time. Freelance means to make work time more flexible instead of following normal work time. The other one is to avoid taking too much work and overfilling the time. Some freelancers would take over too much work and then work around the clock so they get tired beyond endurance.

All in all, what suits you most is the best. Before becoming a freelancer, please consider what you would obtain and sacrifice from such an occupation to avoid the negative consequences led by the blind choice. 

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