Three ways to get your ideal job

July 3, 2017 2 mins read
Three ways to get your ideal job

Driven by the tremendous changes undergone by the industrial patterns in today's economic environment, recruiting managers are actively making changes to respond to the demand of the era.

More and more candidates, though with different backgrounds, are asking the same question - how to locate an ideal job? Here I will make a comparative analysis of the three common approaches in job seeking to help you to determine your own optimal way of seeking a job.

Internal Referral


* A clear understanding of corporate culture and business standing.

* Know about the personal style of the line manager in advance via friends working in the company.

* If the internal staff enjoys a certain reputation, their referrals can sometimes have access to cross-position or even cross-functional job transfer.


* Unable to determine whether the information from the internal friends is reliable (as most of the employees learn about other teams by rumors).

* Find it difficult to decline the offer considering the feelings of your friend even if you then realize the position does not suit you.

* Find it difficult to communicate directly with the HR in regard of salary.

Suitable for

* Those who worked quite short for the last several jobs.

* Those who wish to change their duties and job contents by jumping to other companies.



* Able to offer multiple job opportunities at the same time

* Have a more comprehensive understanding of the job market. A professional headhunter will give some career advice based on the candidate's background and previous experience or make suggestions on the choice of positions.

* Able to fight for the maximum pay for the candidate based on the company's budget.


* Sometimes the headhunter may not have a full understanding of the complex relation of the position inside the company.

* Headhunters are only looking for candidates with matching previous background with the position.

Suitable for

* Those who wish for certain promotion while maintaining the current professional experience.

* Those who have stable work history.

Apply by yourself 


* Can communicate with the HR the first time and learn about the position from official perspective.

* Once the HR receives your resume, he/she will be willing to recommend other positions if he/she determines that you are the best candidate for the position.


* Unfamiliar with the company and opening background.

* Job interview is the only way to present yourself without opinions of a third party available to the HR.

* Have no advantage compared to the internally recommended candidate.

Suitable for

* Those who have no access to "Internal Referral" or "Headhunting".

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