How to Distinguish from a Workaholic or an All-star Worker?

Eric Zhu September 6, 2016 3 mins read

As we all know, diligence is the foundation of success: we cannot get a promotion or a raise, or even reach the peak of life without hard work. Endeavor generally means cost, overtime work or remote business processing on weekends, it is a commonplace for us. When we get tired, look into the future and we will accept all the pains.     

Moreover, “overtime work”, “weekend work” and other words often appears in the definition a workaholic. We work in the office nine-to-nine, work overtime on weekends, attend social activities sometimes, and consequently girlfriend goes far gradually……it’s not that “diligence” we want. 

Excellent workers indeed look like workaholics. But it is not difficult to discover differences through research. Thus, how do you distinguish from a workaholic or an all-star worker?

1.Confirm core competitiveness

Efficient workers can take full advantage of their advantages, understand values that they create for the company and the team, and establish an image for the team. However, workaholics long for others evaluation after hard work. They make efforts, but can hardly play a role in the team. They are often weighed down with blind pay, they pay a lot but gain a little. So we must confirm added values that we create for the team before work.

2.Confirm priority of work

It seems that every company has such employees that who tries to never offend anybody, they’re “yes men” and never turn down other’s trifles.

Although it is a fine moral that every worker should get along well with colleagues and help others to solve the problems, an outstanding worker should always give the highest priority to his own work. They attach the greatest importance to their own work and on this basis save female colleagues lingering in the water dispenser.   

Workaholics often lack such “sense of overall situation”. They are willing to do everything, but they forget the report should be completed before 15:00PM. Therefore, you need to check the calendar if you’re still working morning to evening and work overtime on weekends! 

3.Control the rhythm

We want to keep a high work efficiency whenever. As a matter of fact, people cannot work efficiently for more than 3 hours. A successful worker knows to do the most important thing at the right time, and do clerical work such as recording and typewriting in other time. They know to save physical strengths through running speed and pace length like a long-distance runner in order to reach a higher work efficiency. 

Nevertheless, workaholics don’t do so, they are busy around the clock. The significance of work is busyness instead of achievement of a goal. From day to day, work cannot give them sense of achievement but injustice and panic arising from other colleague’s promotion can. 


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