How to choose the best job offer

February 12, 2014 2 mins read
How to choose the best job offer

In China, the busiest time for the job market is right after Spring Festival.

During this period, outstanding candidates would usually receive job offers from more than one employer. In many cases, candidates may not know how to go about the complex process of choosing the best offer for them. A well-timed job change can help with your career progression, whether it would be an increase in salary or responsibilities

First of all, you should make an effort to thoroughly understand the corporate culture of each company, as well as the style and structure of specific department you will work in.  Corporate culture can have a direct influence on the efficiency of communication between you and your manager, departmental colleagues, and co-workers from other units. At some companies, inter-departmental communication is simple, at others they’re more complex. Some managers emphasise results, others love the detail. At some companies, subordinates and junior staff members are encouraged to speak up, at others they just follow
orders from above. These factors will affect whether or not you’re able to go smoothly about your work and match your approach to work, especially for job seekers with relatively sparse experience in the industry.

You should also make sure work responsibilities are in line with your long-term career plans. Many companies have a diverse set of orientations and requirements for the same position, so don’t base your decision or understanding of the role purely on the job title. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions: Will there be a real increase in my job responsibilities? Will I get real team-leading experience? Will I participate in planning and strategy?

Lastly, make an effort to understand to extent for internal development. At some companies, scale and organisational structure are extremely mature, even relatively flattened. Within 3-5 years there will basically be no change in your job position. Can you accept the fact that you’d have to put in at least 3 years of consistent work at the same level? Other companies may be rapidly expanding their businesses or are experiencing a period of fast growth. Although there is a certain amount of risk, there is also an opportunity for increased management responsibilities within a short period of time.

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