Have you made your plan of action?

December 18, 2014 3 mins read

How has this year panned out for you? Has it all been smooth sailing, or has it been stormy waters all the way? It will be New Year soon, so let’s try to untangle together that mess that you carry in your heart.

These three principles will allow you succeed in any trade or career!

One single goal – for a boat without a sail, every direction is against the wind

The first reason you are poor is that you have never set yourself a goal to become rich. What is your main goal in life? The difference between the wealthy and those who cannot break the circle of generations of poverty is not talent or lucky chance, but the fact that the wealthy ones had set goals.  A big step in the right direction is to start early to get ahead - success starts from setting goals. Why are there so many people who have not become successful? Only 5% of all people can truly realize their goals. Many people hold on to their dreams, but procrastinate in their empty illusions without doing anything. If you want to become successful before you are 30, then, between the ages of 23 and 25 you must have you life goals well and truly set.  Therefore, every day, month and year you must ask yourself: have I achieved the goals that I set?

Two fundamental points of success - chose your place, adopt the right attitude and full steam ahead!

Life orientation
1. People are afraid of being in the wrong line– where are you most competitive?
2. Successful people find a way, failures look for excuses.
3. From all professions and options chose what you truly love to do.
4. Find your Eldorado. Everyone can start a business, but not everybody can make it successful.

It is an eternal truth that your attitude decides your destiny, your attitude before you are 30 determines your destiny for your entire life.

Only those who are unsatisfied with what they have become wealthy. Have courage to dream, as this world will forever belong to those who pursue their dreams. Before 30 you must not fear, after 30 you must have no regrets. Being born poor does not mean living all your life poor, all you need to do is keep that enterprising spirit alive in your heart.  Think positively and do not give in to pessimism. Somebody might be a thousand times richer than you, but are they a thousand times more intelligent than you? That’s not possible; it is just that their spirit of youth is a thousand times stronger than yours. People fail many times during their lifetime, but that final failure is not being defeated by somebody else, but being defeated by your own pessimistic self. The successful people have got up just one time more than they fell down, they are willing to knock down walls rather than be constrained within walls. Overcome your failures, do away with negative attitude, and take positive action.

Three skills

1.Time management: your success and your time are one and the same thing. People who see sixty minutes are sixty times more successful as those who see one single hour.
2.Money management: if you do not take care of your money, you will never see any.
3.Self management: do every job properly and make it effortless, while having a clear aim of what you want to do.

Morgan McKinley