Growing with Morgan McKinley

November 29, 2013 2 mins read
Growing with Morgan McKinley

Time passes, the seasons change—the end of the year is upon us again. It’s my 3rd year with Morgan McKinley. When I think back on my time with the company, what sticks out most is my personal development amidst the incredibly dynamic corporate atmosphere.

In 2011, I entered Morgan McKinley as a researcher for the Finance&Accounting team. From the orientation program on day one, I was deeply attracted by the company’s outstanding training system. Not only was I regularly able to enjoy a variety of courses led by well-qualified colleagues (i.e. Market Trends, The State of the Industry, Special Skills, Professionalism, and Case Studies Analyses), I could also take my pick of courses from the company’s global, online training database. The company takes the personalized training of its employees seriously; every month, my manager would communicate with me about what I’d taken away from the courses, what real impact the training was having, and what type of training I’d like to focus on the following month. Thanks to this exceptional instruction, my professional skills improved quickly and I was able to enjoy a constant feeling of growth and improvement at the workplace.

At Morgan McKinley, another factor promoting the fast development of employees is the abundance of outstanding colleagues. A corporate culture based on mutual sharing and assistance facilitates active communication amongst team members, allowing them to build on each other’s strengths, compensate for weaknesses, and move forward together. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult project or a thorny issue—even a personal problem—you can always ask a colleague for advice; they’ll be happy to help.

In three years, amidst a positive atmosphere of mutual assistance, I matured into a financial headhunting consultant. I’m extremely thankful to Morgan McKinley and hope to be able to contribute to the company’s continual growth. I look forward to helping new workers enjoy the same support I received, and providing those interested in the headhunting industry with more information regarding this outstanding workplace.

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