Group Volunteering at Heart to Heart Shanghai

September 21, 2016 2 mins read
Group Volunteering at Heart to Heart Shanghai

The average cost of a child's heart surgery at in China is RMB 25,000. In comparison to the cost of similar operations in many overseas countries, this is a very modest number. However, many families in China (particularly those living in rural communities) are not fully covered by medical benefits and are unable to raise the amount of RMB 25,000 to pay for such a life-saving operation for their child.

Heart to Heart Shanghai is a 100% volunteer community outreach organization which sponsors Chinese children who require heart surgery. They have a selection of children care programs. As A part of our MMK Million initiative, a group of 15 colleagues of our Shanghai office has pledged to volunteer their time to partner with Heart to Heart and to help prepare for their Christmas bazaars. 

During the 5 hours of volunteering, our colleagues were able to prepare 260 bears to help the charity raise RMB 13,000. Fantastic job everyone!Thank you to Alyssa, Cindi, Bianca, Gigi, Jackie, Lucifer, Vivian, Katrina, Grace, Elly, Shuyun, Lillian, Joanna, Julie and Anita for your time and effort.

We look forward to our next volunteering day in November. 



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