Five Things Successful People Do After 5:00 PM

January 26, 2014 3 mins read
Five Things Successful People Do After 5:00 PM

You might have already read the incredibly popular piece written by Forbes author Jennifer Cohen about the five things successful people do before eight in the morning. Her wise advice includes tips making a concrete plan for all daily tasks, and organising your agenda based on urgency and priority. But what can you do after your work day ends? I recently read interviews from a few workplace experts on what can be done in evening to help you maintain your vigour and prepare for an excellent performance the following day.

These are the top five suggestions:

1. Organise your day

This includes responding to all the emails you received that day, says Julie Morgenstern, author of Organizing from the Inside Out. “Even if it means you just tell the sender you’ve received their email and will respond the next day or at a later date.”

2. Plan the following day

Look for unfinished work. “Go over your scheduled work plan for the following day (or following two days), prepare the required documents and materials, and do everything possible to ensure the next day goes smoothly right off the bat,” Morgenstern says.

Prioritize items that are relatively work-intensive. “To ensure they get done no matter what comes up, list out the top three (or six) tasks you want to accomplish the following day,” Morgenstern advises. Don’t forget to have your team make the same preparations. “Plan out the team’s highest priority work for the following day and send a guiding email or registration form.”

3. Spend time with family and friends

Successful people always spend time on their interpersonal relationships, efficiency expert Andrew Jensen says. “They’ve discovered that if they’re not successful on the home front, any success they find in their career is empty,” he adds. The key is to have an enriching life. “They make an effort to learn to listen and to control their habit of leading the conversation,” Jensen says.

4. Stay healthy

Successful people know how to take care of themselves. Whether in business or your personal life, investing in health is always a wise decision. If you’re often sick, or even just tired, you’re not going to reach peak condition. “Successful people eat healthy food; they understand that investing in nutrition will give them the returns they’re hoping for. They exercise, releasing accumulated pressure while strengthening their body. This has the added benefit of helping sleep,” Jensen says. While paying attention to your physical health, don’t neglect the health of your finances. “Don’t let things pile up and become an insurmountable problem.”

5. They get eight hours of sleep

Do you think staying up all night will help your career? While in some cases it may be worth it, most of the time getting adequate sleep will benefit your work to a larger extent. “Adequate sleep is the secret weapon of successful people,” says CEO of tech company Advanced Brain and author of “Healing at the Speed of Sound”, Alex Doman.

“From a short-term perspective, inadequate sleep will influence judgment, mood, and the ability to listen and remember. It might also seriously increase your risk of accident or injury,” Doman added. With the passing of time, the effects may be even more serious. “From a long-term perspective, chronic insomnia can lead to a series of health problems, including diabetes, coronary disease, depression and obesity.”

After forging these five after-hours habits, you may find that with the passing of time you’re becoming more efficient and more successful.

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