Evaluating Opportunities

December 14, 2015 2 mins read
Evaluating Opportunities

When you are actively looking for new opportunities, you may find yourself stuck with more than one suitable opportunity. Here are some tips to evaluate these opportunities and help you make the final decision.

1. Know the process and running time of every opportunity

The longer the process is, more risks there are. Knowing the steps you are in as well as how many future steps you need to take for every position you are applying for can help you make the best choice and predict the chances of you receiving an offer.

2. Rethink the reasons why you want to leave your current company

It’s very easy for you to lose the initial reason of why you are changing your current job after going through what positions are available on the market.  Considering the factors that made you look for a new job can remind you of the most important aspect of your future career.

3. Rank all the vital factors by your personal preference

There are many factors you should think about. Firstly, physical factors that can’t be changed such as company location, salary and title. Considering whether you can accept these factors can help you filter out irrelevant opportunities. Secondly, you need to think about which industry you want to be in and what industry you have experience in. Thirdly, assess and evaluate what responsibilities you need to take and the new structure. Everyone has different priorities for these factors so work out what suits you best.

You’ll know your decision by figuring out which one you value the most and which company can meet your needs.

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