Doing good things everyday and get paid for it!

November 29, 2013 2 mins read
Doing good things everyday and get paid for it!

13 years ago, I “stumbled” into the recruitment industry accidentally, starting by working as a temp for an agency, before being “spotted” to possess the right values and skills to excel in recruitment. I remain indebted to my 2 seniors who brought me into this really meaningful industry, as I really feel that this is really not just a job.

Every day, I interact with people who are looking for talents to join their organization and with people who are looking for the next career move. I remember my MD telling me during my earlier days that we wake up every day, knowing that we are going to bring a bigger bowl of rice to the table for them. That really left an impression as it hit me then that I’m not just coming to the office to “deliver” a task, but instead, I am playing a key role in determining someone’s career for the years ahead.

Today’s young generation is motivated by something else in addition to money. The workforce is not just looking for a high salary. Following Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs, they want purpose. They want to know why: “Why should I work here, how does it fit into what I want with my life” and not just a matter of feeding the family. As I interview with the generations of interviewees who would like to join my team over the past 10 years, I will always ask them: “Why do you want to work in recruitment?”.

As my blog title suggests, recruitment is not just a job to “push” people to “jobs” and to “make lots of money by firing CVs in all directions”. A good Recruitment Consultant/Search Consultant must be a great friend, a great career ally and someone who can guide you in your career search at different life stages. This person needs to own your job like it’s theirs, and to be able to advice on organization culture versus your personality. And the best thing, we are paid to do this.

If helping and guiding others in their career spurs you, come speak with me today and see it for yourself.

Morgan McKinley