Defeating ‘the Mondays’

December 10, 2013 2 mins read
Defeating ‘the Mondays’

Tired, depressed, lazy? Can’t seem to muster any energy? You’re not alone—many nine-to-five workers are hit with a case of ‘the Mondays’ every week.

We know this ‘illness’ is mainly caused by the previous weekend’s disruptions in the normal work/rest rhythm. What can we do to effectively alleviate this condition and come into Mondays feeling proactive and efficient?

1. Maintain sleep patterns: Don’t wear yourself out on Sunday, but don’t sleep too late, either—this will ensure you get to bed at a decent hour. Make sure there’s a way for natural light to come into your bedroom in the morning; this will help you wake up naturally on Monday morning.

2. Efficiently prepare your schedule: Don’t push Friday’s work over to Monday. Instead, on Friday, do your best to prepare Monday’s work schedule. If possible, start the week off with something you enjoy doing.

3. Interact with your coworkers: When you arrive at the office Monday morning, you can engage your colleagues in some casual conversation. This type of light chatting can brighten your mood and help you get into work mode. If possible, you can make sure your first task on Monday is a cooperative one involving coworkers.

4. Prepare some small surprises for Monday: You can actively arrange for some exciting little changes to greet you at the beginning of the week. For example, arrange a date with a friend for lunch, wear your favorite outfit, or get creative with your cosmetics.

By actively using these small adjustments, together we can defeat ‘the Mondays’.

Morgan McKinley