Controlling your Emotions in the Workplace

Marlon Mai November 15, 2013 1 min read

In a study, over 50% of respondents admitted to having felt furious in the office at one point or another. When held in, this type of extreme anger can drive a person crazy.

The negativity may swell to the point where it subconsciously spills over into communication with others, especially subordinates.

Have you lost your temper at work? If you have, this doesn’t mean you lack workplace patience—it just shows you haven’t yet learned to control your emotions properly.

Losing your temper at work, however, is not a wise choice; it will erode your mature, steady image in the eyes of your coworkers. When you feel yourself about to lose control, what exactly should you do? A famous American management-psychologist formulated three rules for keeping your calm: lower your voice, slow down your speech, and stand up straight. Using these simple techniques, you can quickly return to a more rational state and avoid any undesirable statements or behavior.

A well-educated person will never lose their temper at the office. They will use their own maturity and cool disposition to control negative emotions, putting their high EQ on full display. These types of people find it easier to win the trust and respect of their colleagues, thus paving their route to future success.

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