“Black Whistle” in the Sports World is like “Circumvention” in the Work Place?

August 24, 2016 9 mins read
“Black Whistle” in the Sports World is like “Circumvention” in the Work Place?

It is a “summer filled with accidents” in Rio 2016. Olympic athletes have encountered unfair treatment frequently - the grades of gymnasts were held down, and a boxer suffered a “Black Whistle” - when we saw Lu Bin accept the result and kissed the floor with tears, all of China poured their heart out for him and felt resent because the judge stole his dream

. “Black Whistle” in the Sports World is like “Circumvention” in the Work Place?

This unfair treatment not only happens in the sport world, but it is often seen in work place.

Morgan McKinley is a leader in the recruiting industry; we have heard these kinds of tragedies hundreds of times because we often see the candidates who have suffered circumvention and left in anger entrusting us to help them find a better job.

Just like athletes, employees will meet different “judges”, an employee may have 20 leaders in their career life and it will not be all smooth sailing. If he meets a boss who is not compatible and crosses him in everything, he is framed, sidelined, and evaluated unfairly, that feeling is never better, it is the worst.

Gallup Consulting surveyed one million employees in America, the results of the survey revealed that the initial reason for staff to leave the company was because of the leader in charge.

Although our condition is simpler than Olympic athletes: it is very difficult for athletes to fire the judge, but it is easy for us to fire our boss by changing to another job. However, we must be prudent and not to quit our job once a disagreement occurs, Morgan McKinley often warns the candidates: frequent job-hopping will have great negative impact on career life.

When we feel our boss is picking on us, do not be in a hurry to change a job, in fact you can try to manage your boss, this can be called “Manage Up” in Western culture.

Recruiting specialist - Morgan McKinley, will share the essence of Manage Up to everyone today.

Who is boss?

Sun Tzu said, know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without defeat. Sometimes we are too busy looking at our image in the mirror and pitying ourselves, we forget to analyze who our boss is. If we do not know who he is, it is just like fighting with eyeshade, no matter how fierce our punches are, we cannot shoot the target, this is a waste of physical strength and time.

Ask yourself, “Do I really know my boss?”

Maybe we know how old they are, where they are from, and their career experience in the past. However, have you made an analysis on the basis of - why he can be our boss? What is their advantage? What is their disadvantage?

An important way to manage your boss is to think about how the boss likes to communicate. Just like how you will speak English when you communicate to foreigners, you will have to speak on the level of your boss. Do they like to speak plain language face to face? Do they like to send emails and keep it as a record? Do they like to stare at PPT-official discussion? Or do they like to speak professionally? “Black Whistle” in the Sports World is like “Circumvention” in the Work Place? Use the way they like to communicate, instead of the way you like. The boss is not going to fit you, you have to fit them. If we know how they like to play cards, we shall use that way to play with them.

Help the boss to achieve

Career pursuit is different for everyone. Some are ambitious and dream of becoming a CEO someday; some are industrious and willing to work; some are adept at personnel and are just interested in playing politics and some just slack off at work, and they expect themselves not to be fired.

However, no matter what long-term pursuit, everyone has an annual KPI, you and your boss also have one. How much year-end bonuses you can get depends on the achievement rate of your KPI. Therefore, regardless of what the boss wants in the long term, your boss just wants to meet the KPI this year. KPI this year. If you can combine your job performance with the KPI of your boss, you will do well and your boss will get a bonus. Your success is just their success.

Don’t slack work because your boss treats you badly, this will only increase the speed of firing you. Do you want to succeed with the assistance of your boss? You should help your boss to achieve it through your own work; working conscientiously and doing your job well while communicating and reporting to your boss in a manner they like, then your boss will know that you are not only hardworking, but also conscious of them. With an employee like this, what more could a boss ask for?

Accept alternative

You must have met this kind of boss: they turn over a job to you, you really try hard to finish it and you hand it over, then they change their mind and ask you to finish it from a different perspective. “Black Whistle” in the Sports World is like “Circumvention” in the Work Place? You feel broken inside at this time; in fact your boss knows this clearly in their mind…

But we may regret after we buy a garment, it takes a long time to pick a pair of shoes. Allow the boss to make mistakes and have a change of mind just like your boss allows you to do so.

If you are an employee who is willing to be flexible, the boss will feel very relaxed to get along with you; they will have a clear conscience that will reduce the opportunity to torture you in the future.

But how do we deal if the boss does not have a bit of conscience?

There is a world elsewhere…

You do a great job, but you feel you are framed by your boss? Do not hesitate; it is not for certain that your boss does not like you

If you consider who your boss is – you have report to them and communicate with them according to the way they like. Think of a way to make an achievement, cooperate with them during work, but in the end you are still framed by your boss? “Black Whistle” in the Sports World is like “Circumvention” in the Work Place? This is unfortunate; maybe you shall find your own means of livelihood. You have to be together from morning to night for more than 8 hours, this is much longer than the time couples are together when they are awake, and there is no need to make ourselves unhappy to get along with your boss. Either you leave or I leave.

If you feel that the evaluation of your boss is not good and you are on the verge of collapse in the company, in fact there is no need to leave in a rage, you can collect some written evidence and inform HR that you think the leadership of your boss is really limited, maybe HR is waiting for someone to help.

If you think it over and feel your boss is socially active and able to achieve success one way or another in the company. Then it has more odds of success if you turn right when you go out, it is better for you to find another job.

If that is it, HR may not help you, but we can help you. Pay attention to the official account and deliver your resume to the recruiting specialist- Morgan McKinley.

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