Back from the summer vacation, are you ready?

Morgan McKinley November 15, 2013 2 mins read

Summer time is the season when workers take holidays intensively.

The suspension of work during the summer vacation ranges from a few days to several months. There are quite a few things you can do to enjoy yourself, including hiding from the extreme heat and heavy workload, slipping into famous mountains and great rivers to rest your body and your mind, and enjoying a cool breeze by the sea. Meanwhile, many workers even believe that the summer vacation is a brilliant way to relieve pressure.

However, is it true that a simple vacation is the perfect solution for the pressure and difficulties we encounter in our work? In fact, many analyses and studies have been done by organizational behavior scholars focusing on the relationship between vacation and work pressure, and the results suggest that vacation is not the magical solution to solve work pressure. Some studies have actually pointed out that, after a vacation, in the absence of enough inner adjustment and a positive attitude people always feel greater pressure and more negative emotion because of how work has accumulated and being unable to adapt to the new timetable again.

So when enjoying the relaxation and pleasure that your summer vacation offers you, you should keep in mind that difficulties and pressure won’t be wiped out simply because of your temporary absence. As regards difficulties and pressure, we should be rational in analyzing and active in communicating them, in order to find fundamental solutions. During your vacation, you can also try to change your mindset, opening your heart and more communicating with your friends. In this way, taking vacations can be helpful in relieving pressure and you will not end up with feeling tired and negative.

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