American Dreams in China—the American Dream vs. the Chinese Dream

Morgan McKinley November 15, 2013 2 mins read

‘American Dreams in China’ is a film with heavy contemporary overtones.

The movie centers on the stories of three protagonists as they grow from country bumpkins to members of the country’s elite. Along the way, the film also plays witness to the changing times: From the first group of ambitious Chinese youth who crossed the Pacific, in search of the American dream, during the Reform and Opening period of the ‘80s, to today’s new generation of dream seekers. Each individual is fighting to chase down and realize his or her own personal dream.

Time passes and the world changes. As the human resources market now shows, having a Chinese background or Chinese experience has become a valuable career asset for Chinese people—both mainland and overseas—seeking work abroad. Not only does this benefit those Chinese people looking for jobs overseas, it also promotes commercial cooperation and development between China and the rest of the world. As this international development unfolds, more and more Chinese companies are bursting onto the global stage in almost every arena. This encourages those Chinese who first led the charge abroad in pursuit of the American dream to return to China to achieve their Chinese dream.

In spite of what the name of the film suggests, the ‘American dream’ of American Dreams in China is just a figure of speech, what is really described are the Chinese dreams of individual Chinese people! Regardless of whether it is the American or the Chinese dream, learning how to break through career bottlenecks, how to snatch opportunities created by the deep mixing of the Chinese and global economies, and how to increase personal value and market competitiveness are valuable things to ponder for any Chinese person with dreams and ambitions.

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