The advantages and disadvantages of the development trend of rejuvenation of e-commerce

Morgan McKinley November 24, 2017 2 mins read

I have focused on the recruitment part of sales and marketing department, and saw many companies in the market have set up the positions in e-commerce. I cannot help sighing that the e-commerce industry is developing too fast. With the interference of strong mobile internet, people have had another revolution with concepts of the product design, marketing and promotion. Increasing enterprises are full of enthusiasm about recruiting the young people instead of the “elder people” with the so-called senior qualifications.

The reports show that the employees born in the 90s have become the mainstream employees of the e-commerce enterprises. Over 50% of the investigated enterprises say that the number of the employees born in the 90s accounts for 56.38% of the total number of their employees. Why do large-scale of e-commerce employers prefer to hire young people? Because a good e-commerce enterprise must have a good Internet genes, and thus they will rejuvenate the e-commerce industry and the company.

Now the main consumer groups in the e-commerce industry are the young people born in the 80s or 90s. All of the enterprises shall be consumer-oriented, and can only make the better products by understanding the consumer needs. The ideas of young people are usually relatively similar, so now the employees in the entire e-commerce industry are basically dominated by the young people born in the 85s or 90s. However, the talents who know both of technology and operation as well as the product design are too scarce in the entire e-commerce industry; after all, e-commerce industry is related to many other fast updating industries and fields, thus the comprehensive talents always may come by something with luck.

E-commerce talents are divided into two different categories: one is the technology talents who understands the network technology; the other is the product planning talents who understands the product planning and e-commerce product design. The two categories of talents are just like parallel lines, because the people who understand technology do not know how to transform technology into better products, while the people who understand the products do not know where their technical limitations in the products.

In my opinion, the best way to improve the current situation is to learn the mechanism inside the company. Frequently communicating with the older employees on improving the human resource management system and taking the training courses provided by the company to learn more about enterprise culture of mutual learning will definitely help you to learn the mechanism inside the company. In addition, the alternative way to solve the current situation is to complete training and promotion system, allow provision of the competitive remuneration system, create good enterprise cultures, and solve the issues concerned by the employees.

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